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What if you discovered your girlfriend was the Red Dragon of Wales?


London, 1997. Joe Llewellyn is celebrating the end of his army service with a Monopoly board pub crawl when he’s reunited with his childhood companion: an enigmatic black jaguar. But Kitty is more than ‘just’ a magic cat. She’s a shape-shifter who hopes to recruit him as a fighter pilot for the Shantivira, the secret alien space station which protects the Earth. Their connection is stronger than anticipated and they quickly realise their destiny lies together.

    Although Joe passes his assessment with flying colours, the Shantivira’s captain is against Joe joining the team. She fears that, if his relationship with Kitty ends badly, the gigantic space demon could destroy the Shantivira in a fit of uncontrollable rage – and its crew with it.

     Can Joe persuade her to change her mind? Should he?

 Warning: contains sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll.